IPS provides a wide array of consulting services aimed at helping individual, teams, and organizations accomplish their most ambitious dreams and desires.

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IPS is involved in a wide array of research projects aimed at learning better ways of helping our clients and contributing to the larger body of knowledge around key topics.

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IPS provides an array of educational programs aimed at helping our clients develop their internal capability to achieve their visions. Click below to learn

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You know that significant changes need to be made in how your organization works in order to become what you know it could be. Your challenge is figuring out how to get the organization on the right path and making progress at a faster pace. We work with individuals and organizations to put integral strategies in place that create an environment where performance excellence can take root, evolve, and thrive. We believe that most of the significant problems facing organizations are, ultimately, the consequences of flaws in current systems and processes. Therefore, we have focused our efforts on the design, evaluation, and improvement of all 4 of the integral perspectives as the primary strategy for simultaneously improving quality while reducing costs.